June 2014 Meeting – Stafford College

On a lovely summer evening on 18th June our meeting was held at Stafford College Riverside Restaurant. This is the restaurant where quality meals are prepared and served by the students that are training for a job in the catering industry. It is in a modern building with a view out to the river Sow and has been nicely furnished.

On arrival at 6.30pm we met a group on their way out who said that the meal was not till 7pm so they were heading to The Lamb for a drink. Fortunately, the “Great Orme” noticed that they headed out of the building in the opposite direction and we found them in The Bird in Hand. Was this a deliberate attempt to lose us? After a quick pint (or two for some) it was back to the College.

22 members were present (when Tony eventually arrived) together with a several other members of the public for a four course meal and coffee. It turned out that it was the last meal of the term and the College had been running down supplies, clearly nobody warned them that 41 Club were coming! Chris Price got the last bottle of bitter in the place, after which it was small bottles of lager or wine only.

The food was very good with many enjoying an excellent sirloin steak for the main course. The service on some tables was rather slow at times, especially when it came to the drinks but generally it was considered an excellent evening. The meal was over by 9.30 pm and my chauffeur was leaving so I had to depart, I am told the meeting broke up soon after.

2014-06-18 20.58.40 (2)