2017 AGM Report

Our 56th AGM took place at Stafford Castle Golf Club on Wednesday 19th April 2017.

Chairman Gary was pleased to welcome the newly elected Chairman of Stafford Round Table, Jon Gerard to the meeting.


Jon addressed the meeting and informed us that Stafford RT 176 had lost 4 members recently, one on the age rule, one moved to Devon and two others due to work pressures. They now have 9 active members and will be working hard this year to recruit new members.

The Shugborough bonfire and fireworks raised approximately  £8,000 last year but we were sad to hear that the event will no longer be held. I believe that the first one held there was in 1986, so 31 years of tradition will now be at an end.  The reason is that the National Trust have imposed conditions that would make the event unlikely to make as much money and therefore not viable, especially for the small number of  Tablers.  A new calendar of fund raising events is being prepared.

The accounts were presented and approved, they showed a defecit of £1.11 on the year, a good result. Subs were held at £15 for the sixth year running and are now due.

After thanking his officers, Gary handed over the Chairmanship to the Chairman elect, Mike Heenan.


Mike said he was privileged to accept the role but could not understand why we would want an old fart like him as Chairman as he left Table 26 years ago. He said we need to work closely with Stafford RT to help them grow and, as a result, secure our own future. Social calendars are to be shared and more joint meetings arranged.

He then presented Gary with his Past Chairmans Jewel.


Mike announced that the Vice Chairman for the coming year would be Chris Reynolds. All other officers remain the same although Secretary Paul stated he will be standing down at the next AGM after five years service.

After discussion on some contentious motions at the forthcoming National AGM the meeting was closed at 10.40pm.

We look forward to a good year ahead and thank Gary for all his hard work last year.