2015 AGM Report

Highlights of the 2015 AGM

  • 27 Members attended
  • Stafford RT Chairman James Wallbank and Vice Charman Stuart Lymer were also present
  • Accounts Approved (despite clear error in adding up!)
  • Account surplus of £900
  • Approved that future Past Chairman’s jewel be paid by Club
  • Approved a donation of £500 to National Presidents Charity – Anthony Nolan – to dispose of surplus
  • Sales performance dissapointing but £173 raised on raffles etc.
  • Peter Quine thanked his officers for their hard work during the year
  • Derek Bolton inducted as Chairman
  • Thanks to Peter Quine for a great year!
  • Gary Simmonds to be Vice Chairman
  • Subscriptions of £15 now due for the year (Click here to pay)

The Minutes of the meeting will follow in due course. The cheque has already been sent off to Anthony Nolan and the National President Jim Smith informed, he sends his thanks for this additional donation.