2014 AGM


Our regalia shining brightly

Our regalia shining brightly

Our 53rd AGM took place on Wednesday 16th April at Stafford Castle Golf Club where 36 members and gusts sat down to a 3 course meal plus coffee and port, excellently organised by Steve. It was good to see our long distance member Bob with us, over from Florida.

For the first time for many years all our regalia was resplendent (and present).

Chairman Jim handled the meeting expertly and most Agenda items went smoothly to plan. As is normal, the Treasurer, Paul, was questioned about his accounts including “why did we have so much money” and “can we have it back”? It was agreed to retain the funds in the account this year as we were hosting the Regional Lunch and then review the situation again at the next AGM.

Sales and Regalia Officer Mike said he had met his projected growth figure for the year’s sales (zero growth was projected!). He was questioned about his Sales Accounts; “a list of random figures” according to accountant Brett! Somehow he managed to convince the club to accept his accounts. He had made a profit thanks to Raffles and thanked Derek for his assistance with those.

Chairman Jim thanked people for making his year enjoyable and then handed over the Chairman’s Jewel to incoming Chairman Peter Quine.

Chairman Peter thanked Jim and congratulated him on an excellent year and then announced that the Vice Chairman for the next year would be Lodewyk Declercq.

Jim's handover to Peter

Jim’s handover to Peter

Peter announced that several events were planned for the coming year and in particular the Regional Lunch in September that Stafford were organising on behalf of Region 11 and Paul Molley.

The Officers for the coming year are:

  • Chairman – Peter Quine
  • Vice Chairman – Lodewyk Declercq
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Paul Ritson
  • House – Paddy Hannigan
  • Social – George Ellesmore
  • IRO – Chris Barton
  • Sales/Regalia – Mike Smith

It was great to have the President, Chairman and Vice Chairman of Stafford Round Table 176 with us for the evening.

Sean Spinetto (RT Chairman) Peter Quine (41 Chairman) and Gary Simmons (RT President)

Sean Spinetto (RT Chairman) Peter Quine (41 Chairman) and Gary Simmons (RT President)