Update on Region 11

The following update has been received from our National Councillor. He is standing for a National Board position and a new Region 11 Councillor is required. Anyone interested?

Nick Morcumb said:

National Membership and Round Table Liaison Officer

As you will be aware I am a great supporter of 41 Club and Round Table both locally and nationally in helping both to remain active and grow.

We need to support our own clubs, support round table and encourage more past tablers to join your club. Please give me your feedback so I can help you.

I am running for National Board in April and with your support will be competing against one other National Councillor from Somerset.

Wish me luck !

I am the end of my role as National Councillor for Region 11 so will be passing that honour to someone else.  They should shortly be asking you for nominations so this is a bit of advance notice to give it some thought. I have thoroughly enjoyed the role and have taken part in lots of brilliant activities with you all.

The Purposes and Objects of the Association

·         Promote opportunities for fellowship amongst former members of Round Table

·         Encourage active involvement in the community

·         Use our experience in support of the Round Table Family

·         Encourage international relationships

National President & Vice President

Dave Campbell (president@41club.org) continues his visits to clubs across the country and to promote the benefits of the Prince’s Trust which supports disadvantaged youngsters. As well as donations which are gratefully received numerous members have become mentors to support young people.

Phil Ellis is the Vice President (vicepresident@41club.org) will take over at the AGM in Belfast.


Priorities remain as fun, fellowship and community.

The majority of clubs have good monthly events as well as undertaking community service and fundraising activities (often in support of their Round Table).

Please continue to support both your own and other local clubs. Joint club events give us a great opportunity for remaining active and for shared fellowship.

Articles for the National Magazine and Website

If you are doing interesting things please tell us know what you are doing by writing a few words and providing some pictures. It’s great to see how active some of our clubs are. Thank you to those who do share what they are up to as its shows what a great region we are.

Are you aware of the national Facebook page so you can see what other clubs are doing ? if you are not but want to be then let me know.

Press Awards

The Press Award competitions are now open. Contact (comms@41club.org) with any photographs for the national photographic competition or submissions for best website (David Hewitt Trophy) or best newsletter (David Smith Trophy).


To remain unchanged at £14.50

A few dates for you to be aware of:


·         24 March 2018 Las Vegas Event in Surrey in aid of Prince’s Trust

·         14 April 2018 – Belfast Conference & AGM

·         8 – 10 June Classic Car Weekend Nr Cardiff

·         7-10 September National Caravan Weekend 2018.

·         1-3 February 2019 National Sports & Social Weekend Great Yarmouth

Also note that we have a range of member benefits including a new deal with Heritage Car Insurance for classic /prestige vehicles.


Nick Morcumb

National Councillor for Region 11 from Whitchurch 41 club