Update on National AGM Voting from Nick Morcumb

Barry Durman had a fantastic year doing 150+ visits including his John O’Groats to Lands End charity bike ride for Shelter.  During the year he has raised £26,000 for them.

Our New National President is Dave Campbell and Vice Phil Ellis. Sean McCormick won the vote for Nat Secretary.

National Charity this year is Princes Trust. Watch out for the 2018 calendars.

Priorities remain as fun, fellowship and community – have a great year everyone !

A few dates for you to be aware of:

* 2 June 2017 Classic Car Rally

* Also note that we have a new deal with Heritage Car Insurance for classic /prestige vehicles.

* 13 August to 30 August Cruise to Antwerp. Ghent, Rotterdham and Amsterdam

* 1 September National Caravan Rally

* Thursday 24 September National Golf Competition near Gloucester.  Please note congratulations to Newport for winning the 2016 competition for the 3rd successive year !!

* 9-11 February 2018 National Sports and Social Weekend in Okehampton

* April 2018 National Conference will take place in Belfast

Capitation remains unchanged at £14.50

The results of the resolutions are as follows:

Resolutions Carried or Lost  
Resolution 1 is just to change the title of National Communications Officer to that of National Communications and IT Officer.   Carried  
Resolution 2 wants to limit the cost of national events to £55 as some of them are currently £90.  Lost This is a contentious debate and was not supported by national council.
Resolution 3 will require 7-14 days notice to be given by the national board to the national council to allow time for due consideration to be given. Carried  
Resolution 4 would give all voting delegates £40 towards their expenses for attending the National AGM.  Lost We want to encourage more clubs to attend and listen to the debate but they fear that no more people would attend and we would only be spending another £8k on those who already attend to subsidise their weekend away. We do need to do something to encourage greater participation but this may not be the right solution.
Resolution 5 – proposal to undertake a survey to ask members if they wish to continue receiving a National Magazine.  Lost Various pros an cons of the magazine. There was a survey last year and 86% of respondent voted to keep it so they don’t see the point of another survey
Resolution 6 is simply a request to have all future carried resolutions to be included in the Associations Constitution & Rules without exception within 30 days of the AGM so they are easier to find.  Carried  
Resolution 7 is a request for the Association’s Reserve Policy to be included in the Association’s Constitution and Rules.  Lost Yes we should know what our policy is and enforce it but this is not a constitutional matter.
Resolution 8 is a request to remove outdated wording relating to Corporate Responsibility for all members of National Council to allow them to express alternative views to other people on the national council Carried  
Resolution 9 is trying to stop past national presidents from standing for other national posts.  Lost We do need new blood of course but we should not be precluding people with experience. I think this is aimed at a specific individual as no-one can remember a single past president who has stood for another national post afterwards.
Resolution 10 would require at least half of those who are present and eligible to vote at National Council meetings to vote in favour of the matter to provide an overall majority to allow it to go forward.  Lost The only problem with this is that abstentions would count the same as a no vote